November Message from the Chair

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Greetings and Salutations to ASQ London Section members!

wqm logoOur first snow has already fallen on the ground as I write this message, which comes close to our day light savings time change. Times and seasons change but quality will always remain valued.
    We had a plant tour of Starlim Corporation’s London operations in October which allowed us to experience world class quality and workmanship. It provided an opportunity for our members to experience firsthand the 2012 London Quality Award winner’s operations. There was an unanimous agreement that Starlim certainly deserved their award. Some of the words that I came across during the tour were – spotless, lean, efficient which reflects positively on how their operation is run.


November 2012 has been designated as the World Quality Month. World Quality Month is an annual celebration of quality and its impact in the world. World Quality Month was established to reignite attention once generated in the 1980s by National Quality Month in the U.S. and to create a united, global forum for the people and organizations to come together and raise their voices for quality. 
It was re-started in 2010 by people & organizations who are passionate about quality to focus attention on Quality. We all know that quality is sometimes taken as a given, but we all know that it takes considerable effort and resources to achieve & maintain good quality. Kudos to all quality professionals for making the world a better place in your own way.

“The foundation of quality is understanding.”
If you understand what you are doing, then you are on the road to success. If your understanding is limited, then the risk of failure is greater. You cannot promise what you cannot understand, and tools for understanding enable you to both know what is needed and also to know what you can deliver. - CQI
I found the tools offered by Chartered Quality Institute on The Quality Survival Guide very insightful and a good read. For more information, visit World Quality where you can find resources to enhance your knowledge.
We will be celebrating World Quality Month by having our own ASQ member, Alan Wilson present on Lean Six Sigma History and Direction. The event is on November 15th, 2012 at Springbank Gardens Community center.

Come celebrate quality month with us. 

Best wishes & Peace,
Chair, ASQ London 403 Section