November 2013 - Message from the Chair

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Published Date Written by Martin Hettwer

Martin HettwerFor me, the scariest thing around Halloween is when the rain morphs into wet snow. That first cold spell always sends shivers down my spine.

One nice thing about the clocks falling back an hour is that my old clock radio on the night stand now finally reads the correct time. No longer do I have to mentally subtract an hour in my head every morning.

Brian_Garside(L)_with_host_Davis_SumptonOn October 24th. ASQ London and PMI SWOC held its second joint meeting event with Brian Garside (Info-Tech Research Group) presenting on the topic of Managing for High Performing Team. Mr. Garside’s talk included a lesson on dealing effectively with Zombies and the other three common team member types: Players, Spectators and Skeptics. His insight for strategic and tactical planning and team innovation proves that high performing teams are not only possible but also extremely desirable.
On November 14 the ASQ London members and their guests will be provided a very unique opportunity to hear about excellence in Sports from Al Morrow London’s own long time Olympic Gold Medal Winning Rowing Coach.

Rowing is considered one of the ultimate team sports and Coach Morrow’s Rowing teams have won many World and Olympic Games including 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals at the Olympic Games.

Please join us on November 14 at the North London Optimist Centre to hear how Canadian Hall of Fame Coach Al Morrow works in this area and how he prepares his teams for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

After Al's speech, Joe and Keith are planning a Quality Quiz show for the second half of the meeting.  Plan to stay after Al's motivational talk for a chance to win prizes and gain fame playing Quality Jeopardy. Sounds like great fun.


Martin Hettwer PMP CMQOE CQE CQA
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