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September 2017 Meeting Notes - Lean Six Sigma with CJ Bawa

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Published Date Written by Reema Ghunaim

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CJ_BawaDate : 14 Sep. 2017
Subject :  Introduction to lean Six Sigma
Speaker :  Charanjit Singh (CJ) Bawa
Report By: Reema Ghunaim, ASQ-London Historian

The speaker, Mr. Singh, started his presentation by introducing Lean Six Sigma, which combines process flow and waste elimination.  He focused on the process performance and how to get zero defect to maximize profit and increase efficiency for any organizations.


CJ explained the meaning of QCDMS, the principles on which his company is based:
Q refers to improve the quality internally and externally.
C refers to lower the cost by improving value.
D refers to delivery on time.
M refers to enhance the customer and stuff morale.
S refers to increase product and safety of product.

CJ emphasized on the importance of the Lean Sigma Six philosophy which focuses on awareness of product waste and methods to reduce it.
The Lean Sigma Six ingredients for customer satisfaction starts with culture and having customer satisfaction by adapting a purpose. People and staff should engage in the process.

CJ_Bawa_lean_presenatationCJ shared a short documentary that demonstrated the power of Lean outside of manufacturing.  Toyota lean manufacturing principles were applied to a poorly organized Food Bank, with the purpose to deliver food faster than any time before. As a result of continuous improvement, the packing time decrease from 3 minutes to 11 seconds per pack. Toyota philosophy focus on minimizing waste with the effect of increasing profit. In addition, speed and efficiency should increase to save money.
The speaker explained the NVA (Non Value Added) which can be catagorized into eight inefficiencies:

D - Defects
O - Overproduction
W - Waiting
N - Non utilized talent
T - Transportation
I - Inventory
M - Motion
E - Extra processing

Lean Sigma Six Goals.

  1. Eliminate or reduce the waste by improving the process flow and focusing on the flow, cost, speed and time. The tool is Kaizen 8 waste.
  2. Eliminate or reduce the variation by improving the process capacity and focus on problems , defect and variation. The tool is Control Charts.

Lean Sigma Six principles

1- Identify value
2- Map the process
3- Create a flow.
4- Establish pull
5- Search for perfection.

Root Cause Analysis

The speaker shows the importance of finding the problem causes. (5 Why’s) Cause analysis to find the solution. 95% of today’s problem can be solved by the 7 Basic QC tools.


The keys to Lean begin analysis starts: have a purpose, respect the people affected by change, and understand your process. Lean is applicable in all process and sectors; The priority in any organization should be customer satisfaction.

More Information

For more information on CJ's Consulting and Training firm, QCDMS Consultants, refer to the Lean Yellow Belt training brochure.

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